$7.80 com/net/org/etc

for domain name

$15 SSL Certs

for signed
SSL certificates!

Pricing Philosophy:

In accordance with our mission, Eggplant Farms is committed to charging only what is necessary to offset the costs of the services we provide in a realistic manner (as in, not using ads). This means that we charge based on the actual resources consumed, not based on "conceptual" counts like the number of domains hosted or the number of SQL databases used. The actual resources consumed are what cost us money, and are therefore all that should cost you money. This philosophy is one reason our prices are so competitive.

Two Dollars per Month Gets You:


  • One gigabyte of guaranteed storage (with temporary space as available)
  • Twenty gigabytes of data transfer per month (that's 20 up AND 20 down)
  • One real unix system account with flexible process and memory limitations
  • SSH, FTP, telnet, rsync, and other protocols to manage your content
  • Automatic secure backups to an independent site once per week
  • Full-featured custom web-based administration panel to simplify your job

Web Hosting:

  • UNLIMITED domains and subdomains, at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE
  • One system website with catchy URLs to choose if you lack a domain
  • Full Perl and PHP scripting capabilities, already enabled
  • CGI access with unlimited ability to provide your own custom scripts
  • SSL support, 128-bit encryption, sharing our certificate or using yours
  • Full support for .htaccess, error pages, directory permissions, etc
  • Unlimited redirects, parking, and password protection (see scripts above)
  • Comprehensive web statistics with graphical reports (analog and awstats)
  • Python, GD, FreeType, Mod_Rewrite, ImageMagick, Server Side Includes, etc
  • Streaming MP3 support and Darwin Streaming Server access (by request)
  • FrontPage 2000 server extensions available (by request only)

E-mail Hosting:

  • UNLIMITED domains and subdomains can be hosted
  • IMAP, POP3, SMTP, and full encryption (TLS) of all three available
  • Webmail access using a popular webmail client with the latest features
  • Full support for your preferred client, like Mutt, Evolution, or Outlook
  • Automatic virus scanning at SMTP time to reject those worms at the source
  • Custom, configurable spam scanning to keep your inbox the way YOU want it
  • UNLIMITED mailboxes in your domains (IMAP+POP3+SMTP+TLS+webmail)
  • One system mailbox with a variety of catchy names for you to choose from
  • Unlimited mailbox aliases within your domains, and catchalls available
  • Unlimited mailing lists and autoresponders within your domain names
  • Choice of e-mail relaying for your existing mail system is available

DNS Hosting:

  • UNLIMITED domains can be hosted
  • Several DNS servers across the continent for flawless dependability
  • Use our web-based editor or provide your own zonefile
  • Choice of secondary-only hosting if you have your own primary DNS server

Dynamic DNS:

  • Give your dynamic connections static hostnames from your own domains
  • Compatible with the most popular dynamic DNS update clients
  • Even assign the domain name itself to your dynamic connection
  • Port 80 www-redirect; host your own website without port 80 access
  • Port 25 mail relay; host your own e-mail without port 25 access


  • UNLIMITED MySQL databases
  • PHPMyAdmin installed and ready to use


  • A team of volunteers with a personal desire to help you meet your goals
  • People who are here because they want to help, not because of a paycheck
  • Staff with experience using the service, not with reading a 3-ring binder
  • If Eggplant Farms cannot satisfy you, we'll help you find someone who can

Another Dollar per Month Gives You the Choice Of:

  • Another gigabyte of guaranteed storage OR
  • Another ten gigabytes of data transfer per month OR
  • A dedicated IP address with reverse DNS (needed for signed certificates)

No Service Contract:

No service contract means that you have no obligation to stay with us any longer than you choose. Cancel your service at any time, and you will not be charged for anything you didn't use. This is a month-to-month pay-as-you-go payment plan, meaning that your account will be charged for services you use as you use them. You may place any amount of money in your account, and it will automatically be billed as you spend. If you wish to cancel your account at any time, we'll take out the cost of a postage stamp and mail you a check for your balance.

Convinced Yet?

If you're ready to set up an account, head on over to the join page. If you still have some questions, e-mail our sales staff at sales@epfarms.org, or head on over to our community page and talk to fellow customers!