About Eggplant Farms

As far back as the late 1990's, several informal projects were fulfilling the hosting needs of several circles of friends and family at no charge. As the era of the dialup came to a close, these informal projects quickly outgrew their resources. On April 13th, 2003, it was decided that a professional solution would need to be found to replace the bursting informal projects. With so many people now willing to pay to get professional performance, a new company was formed. Dubbed "Eggplant Farms", this new group refused to give up the close-knit community atmosphere it was born from. It also maintained its original idealism in pricing, charging only in order to offset the costs required to offer professional-grade service in a broadband era. With scalable resources now at the group's disposal, Eggplant Farms opened its doors to the world. Please join us in building this newest community.


In the course of day-to-day business, we have found new ways to utilize technology to increase our efficiency and the simplicity of our services. All Eggplant Farms services are founded on Free Software, and we in turn will release all of our developed tools under the GNU General Public License so that others may benefit.


I. History of Communication:

Throughout human history, communication has played a vital role in the molding of society. Indeed, communication may be the single aspect of humanity that has changed the most over time. It is the root of great power, and its possible impact on a society is nearly limitless. However, communication has historically been very expensive, time-consuming, and difficult. The ability to reach the entire world with one's message was once possible only for the richest and most powerful. If you wished to communicate with someone halfway across the world, it would be next to impossible. You could call upon the services of a trusted courier, hire a mercenary force to protect him, and send them off to deliver your words. If you were lucky, they might return after a few years with a reply.

As technology advanced, the cost of communication became ever lower. With the postal service, the telegraph, the telephone, the radio, every advancement made communication that much cheaper, that much faster, and that much more reliable. We now live in a time where communication has become nearly free, nearly instantaneous, and nearly unfailing. In fact, this very sentence probably traveled thousands of miles to reach you, at a cost so miniscule that you never even realized it could be quantified. (Our expense in delivering this page to you comes to about $0.0000048, or 48 hundred-thousandths of one cent, which you can reimburse us for at your leisure.) For the first time in history, even the poorest individual can communicate any thought or idea across the world.

II. Breaking Down the Barriers:

Despite constant improvements, cost and difficulty remain the two limiting factors involved in communication. A telephone call to another continent may cost mere pennies, but communication can still be quite expensive. How many Super Bowl ads have you purchased recently? The number of people a message can reach is still very much dependent upon the wealth and power behind the speaker.

Is this the best way to determine the importance and value of a message? Should a message not be judged on its own merit? Shall you and I be doomed to have the value of a message chosen for us, solely based on the amount of money behind it?

Perhaps it is not a solution, but the Internet might just be able to help. For the first time in history, anyone is welcome to communicate in a forum with no intrinsic ranking. The cost of publishing one's message to be potentially heard by the world is finally within grasp. Would you like to set up a website even more popular than yahoo.com? Surely your ability to choose a meaningless name isn't preventing you! Just provide the content, and you will be given the visibility your content has earned you.

III. Leading the Revolution, Together:

With only cost and difficulty standing between every person and their potential audience, it is time to see how far down we can tear these barriers.

With a commitment to pool our knowledge and resources together, as a group, we will enable one another to bring our messages to anyone willing to hear. Eggplant Farms represents a group of people dedicated to educating and empowering one another to use the Internet to express ideas, and to driving down the cost of Internet communication to the lowest point possible.